[Grants] Linux Australia Grant request - Unit testing and UX improvements for CiviCRM Elections extension

Justin Freeman justin at agileware.com.au
Thu Sep 27 12:11:57 AEST 2018

Linux Australia Grant request - Unit testing and UX improvements for
CiviCRM Elections extension


Agileware was engaged earlier in the year by Linux Australia to undertake
website replacement, and replacement of the existing MemberDB system (
https://www.flamingspork.com/projects/memberdb/) with CiviCRM (
https://civicrm.org) and a new CiviCRM extension, Elections which
implements online preferential voting. In order to meet the project budget
requirements, unit testing and UX of the Elections extension CiviCRM -
which replaces the equivalent functionality in MemberDB - were removed from
the project scope.

CiviCRM's user base is predominantly not for profit organisations, and some
have similar voting requirements to Linux Australia - ie preferential
run-off voting. Linux Australia's brief was to make the custom Elections
extension available under an open source license so other organisations can
benefit from the work that has been done in this space.

Given the wider applicability of the Elections extension, we've started
work on unit tests and UX improvements on our own time, and are reaching
out to see if this is something that the community would support as a grant


1. Unit testing - unit testing allows us to implement assertions covering
the Elections extension and ensure that they are validated as part of
continuous integration and continuous development processes. This also
allows the Elections extension to be more easily extended in the future to
meet the needs of organisations with different voting requirements - and at
a broader level helps the CiviCRM product to continue to grow in its
usefulness and robustness. The unit tests themselves will be open sourced
with the Elections extension.

Grant request amount: $3,300 GST inc (24 hours x $137.50 hourly rate)

2. UX improvements - the default UX in CiviCRM is not user friendly. The
election workflow process is quite complex, both from a user perspective
and administrator perspective. One of the challenges not for profit
organisations face is in encouraging members to vote, and by improving the
UX of the Elections extension it will reduce complexity and make the
process easier for members to understand. As a result, this will also
reduce administrator time in managing elections as members can self-service
more effectively.

Grant request amount: $5,500 GST inc (40 hours x $137.50 hourly rate)
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