[Chlug] This is personal. But you need to hear it!

Bryan Rogers newsletter at mautech.info
Sat Apr 10 05:11:02 AEST 2021

Are you listening?
It’s me, the Universe...
For your entire life, I’ve proudly watched your every move and seen
the beautiful impact you are having on the planet...
But, recently, I’ve sensed you could use a helping hand _since your
life has been so intense... _
Maybe even a few MIRACLES to guide you into powerfully fulfilling your
destiny in this lifetime...
So, if you are ready to receive this gift so you can live your dream
life and make a greater impact, leaving a legacy for decades to
>>> Just follow this link to reveal what you need to do next...
P.S. Life has a way of weighing us all down when things are intense...
stealing our sense of joy, beauty, and childlike wonder...
But, we are moving into a new world filled with miracles and magic.
Are you ready for this powerful transition, [NAME]?
>>> Go here to begin your magical journey!
But don’t wait...
You need to visit this time-sensitive link
http://www.mautech.info/index.php/campaigns/ak430tc0lc2cd/track-url/oq1821pk9h092/698532dd07a70daa34c0bd98ef1d68bf9f92a4ae before
this critical crossroads of opportunity passes you by, [NAME]!
All the best
I hope you are with me on this,
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