[Chlug] Last opportunity

bjwillingham at energyadvisers.com bjwillingham at energyadvisers.com
Sun Nov 27 23:39:12 AEDT 2016


I write to inform you that I can enforce the release of this your 
unsettled Contract/Lottery/Inheritance claims but I know you will 
find it extremely difficult to believe me due to what you have 
already gone through in terms of disappointments, unfulfilled 
promises and wasted years on this transaction. I want to tell you 
that in this era of information technology, it is very simple to 
retrieve your funds and have it credited into your account just 
by using a simple computer that is connected to the Internet. I 
am a Australia by birth but a citizen by nigeria, Which means my 
father and mother where Australia but i was given birth here in 
nigeria and i have been here all my life, And also i am white in 

All your struggles of the past were not really necessary but you 
had to go through them out of ignorance of what is really in 
vogue. If you can have faith in me, I will contact you again with 
my full plans on how to retrieve these funds from the Nigerian 
treasury. I do not want to talk much here like the yahoo 
criminal. I am a guru in Information Technology (IT) and I prefer 
going straight to the point and get immediate result.

Would you be interested in retrieving your contract inheritance 
funds without going through the rigors of endless government 
bureaucratic and make-believe bottlenecks?.I have designed an 
Open Financial Exchange (OFX),which is a Personal Financial 
Management (PFM)scaleable platform capable of instalmentally 
siphoning your funds out of the database of the Central Bank of 
Nigeria without any traces and risks whatsoever.

This is purely e-commerce and the OFX server would simply be 
acting as a Bridge between the CBN telex room and your receiving 
banking co-ordinate.. It would amaze you how easy your funds 
shall be retrieved, so get back to me if you want me to do this 
for you. Since I have built/designed the platform already. It is 
still ok if you don't need my help, but kindly let me know your 
position so that I do not waste my time waiting in vain.

I shall give you details of how this deal would be done, but in 
your response kindly let me know what I stand to gain from you by 
helping you actualize this payment. 

You can contact me for more details at itpark001 at tpg.com.au

Mrs.Nora Park.

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