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Hi Member,


They will stop at nothing to get Clive Palmer out of Parliament.

While not everyone may agree, The Palmer United Party has achieved a lot
for this country in its first term. CLICK HERE
 to see the list of  Party achievements.

It is easy to see that the Government have ramped up their "TRIAL BY
MEDIA" https://youtu.be/Odf1K7H-Iw4  campaign to rid the system of all but
the 2 major parties as we move towards an election. They are now fairly
out to try and destroy Clive  and the Palmer United Party. Very few of the
media have even bothered to find out the truth about what is really going
on. Some of which can be heard in this interview with John Laws. CLICK HERE
to hear the live interview.

This is a complete attack on democracy, trying to eliminate competition
from them in parliament. They even changed the senate voting in their
favour. They continue to do what they want to only favour themselves,
whilst the majority of Australians miss out.

All this talk about an early election is an indication that this failed
government does not have a plan for the future of this country.

Its time to make a stand as better leaders could shore up Australia’s
eroding political culture.




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