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 Dear chlug at lists.linux.org.au,

 Have you ever wondered if your Super is working as hard as it could?

 REST's mission is to improve the retirement outcomes of our members throughout their lives. With
around one in six* working Australians and over 7 billion under management (as at 30 June 2015),
our focus is to make your money work harder so you can relax in retirement.

 So join over 2 million Australians and enjoy low fees and long term competitive performance. 


 		Good. Better. REST.


 rest.com.au [1]  |  Privacy Policy & Collection Statement [3]  |  Contact Us [4]  

*Number of working Australians sourced from Australian Bureau of Statistics, working Australians
table 6202.0 June 2014

This information doesn't take into account your circumstances. So, before acting on it, you should
consider whether it is appropriate for you. Before making a decision about your super, please read
the relevant Product Disclosure Statement at rest.com.au [1] or call 1300 300 778. This information
is provided by the issuer, Retail Employees Superannuation Pty Ltd ABN 39 001 987 739 as trustee of
REST (Retail Employees Superannuation Trust ABN 62 653 671 394). 


[1] http://tracking.umdirect.com.au/aff_c?offer_id=3665&aff_id=461&file_id=9123
[2] http://tracking.umdirect.com.au/aff_c?offer_id=3665&aff_id=461&file_id=9123&url_id=3223
[3] http://tracking.umdirect.com.au/aff_c?offer_id=3665&aff_id=461&file_id=9123&url_id=3227
[4] http://tracking.umdirect.com.au/aff_c?offer_id=3665&aff_id=461&file_id=9123&url_id=3229

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