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Tue Mar 10 21:46:33 AEDT 2015

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Hi there,

Did you know that Asia is said to be the birthplace of human civilization? Country-to-country there are amazing stories to tell, places to discover and people to meet. Wouldn?t you like to explore Asia your way? the alternative way.

This week, we bring you our amazing (as always) Thailand deals. Relax on a beach for 7 nights from only R8,890. Party under the Full Moon with Contiki for 9 days from R7,025. Explore Bangkok and the Thai Islands for 9 days from R7,650.

Fancy a different Asian destination? How about 7 nights in Bali from R8,999? That?s right! Flights, transfers and 7 nights? accommodation in Bali from only R8,999!

Do you love the world of travel and adventure as much as we do? STA Travel is recruiting! Click here to find out more about us and the amazing opportunities that come along with being a Travel Expert. 

STA Travel,

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