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Andrew Galdes andrew.galdes at impresser.com.au
Tue Oct 20 18:18:24 EST 2009

Hello all who are interested.

Firstly thanks to those who have given feedback and joined the site. If
you haven't signed up and would like to, please visit the following link:


We've made more changes as noted below:

1. Resume or Business Flyer upload feature.
Each account can upload a PDF document with further information relating
to their services and/or business.

2. Improve standards compliance.
Almost completely compliant with the HTML 4.01 standard. Some work still
to do.

3. Improved search results display.
Results are displayed with "bolded" key words within search results.
Some work still in progress such as recommended searches.

4. Smarter search algorithm.
Ignores irrelevant keywords such as in,and,or,but,etc... Some work still
in progress such as automatic research for looser matches.

5. Job adverts inclusion.
Users and non-users can submit job vacancies to the jobs board. These
can be applied for by members of the site.

6. Email address hiding.
Primary email addresses can be hidden from the public to lower spam

7. Look and feel and code clean-up.
The site has a nicer look and feel with improved CSS. Also the code has
been cleaned up.

Thanks again.

-Andrew Galdes

Managing Director
Impresser Pty Ltd

Ph: 08 8357 2024
Mb: 0422 927 598

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