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Adams Sule adamssule02 at yahoo.com.au
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I have a new email address!You can now email me at: adamssule02 at yahoo.com.au

- Dear friend, I crave your indulgence for the unsolicited nature of this letter, but it was borne out of desperation and current development. Please bear with me. My name is Mr.Adams an auditor of BOA Bank (B.O.A) I discovered existing dormant account for 5years. I seek your consent to present yourself as the next of kin of the deceased. As an auditor in the bank I will use my position in the bank to help you stand as the next of kin to the deceased, so that the proceeds of this account valued at $15million dollars can be transferred to you, this is the story in a nutshell. Now I want an account over seas where the bank will transfer this fund. Now my questions are:- 1. Can you handle this project?.. 2. Can I give you this trust?..If yes, respond as soon as possible to enable me give you the full details.Mr. Adams sule

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