[Chlug] Excuse

Admin LR-EG HYIP admin at granitelux.ru
Thu Nov 29 22:28:43 UTC 2007

Dear Admin.
There was an attack of the hacker to a site, ask to be registered once again who is not present in RATE US.
Who is, send the request to give a bonus. 
Please register on http://granitelux.ru  and send the "Button Code", "User Name" to e-mail 
(admin at granitelux.ru)  
Put the administrator a rating of 3 stars, level PREMIUM.
add you $50 bonus on Test Package only for Liberty Reserve.  
Program information:
Name:  LR-EG HYIP 
URL:  http://granitelux.ru   
Percents: 2.2% - 250%
Minimal Spend:   $5
Max. spend: $1000
Referral:   5%-20%
Support E-mail: admin at granitelux.ru 
Support Form: http://granitelux.ru /?a=support 
We are accepting: Liberty Rtserbe, E-Gold, E-Billion.
admin at granitelux.ru 
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