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Sat May 14 22:44:01 UTC 2005

                     We make chip capacitors !
                     Tinghua , your professional kitting partner!

Dear  Sir, or Madam,
Tinghua Technologies Ltd is a professional manufacturer in multi-layer ceramic chip capacitors (MLCC).Our main product lines cover full range of all MLCC;including low, medium and high voltage of MLCC,from 6.3V to 4000V.That will bring added-value in kitting the BOM of you.
We want to establish close co-operation relationship with you. 

We boast a professional expert team in chip capacitor manufacturing. The main technical leaders have gained profound work experience in the ceramic chip capacitor field from Chinese and American famous MLCC giant makers. And they knows the MLCC industry well. 
That shall bring value-added professional service to our clients.

We already have all products available in lead-free.We are actively working to ensure Tinghua meets the July 2006 deadline for ROHS implementation.Current activity in our Lead-Free program may be viewed on our Lead-free implementation File .

All of our MLCC products are compatible with sound-brand products, such as Samsung, TDK, Murata, AVX/Kyocera¡£

Our production capacity 500 KKPCS of per month .	
    The product line covers rated voltage ranging from  6.3V to 4000V, and the chip size from 0402 to 3035.
   - Medium and High Voltage MLCC 
     Rated Voltage£º10V 16V 50V 100V 200V 250V 500V 630V 1000V 2000V 3000V 4000V 
     Size£º0603 0805 1206 1210 1808 1812 2225  3035
     Dielectric Material £ºCOG/NPO X7R Y5V 

   - LOW Voltage MLCC
     Rated Voltage£º6.3V 10V 16V 25V 50V  
     Size£º0402 0603 0805 1206 1210 1812 2220 2225 3035
     Dielectric Material £ºCOG/NPO X7R Y5V Z5U  

Size       Rated Volt.    Cap.£¨pF)
0402       6.3V-   63V    0.5 - 68,000
0603       10V - 200V     0.5 - 68,000
0805       10V - 500V     0.5 - 100,000
1206       10V - 2,000V   0.5 -3 30,000
1210       10V - 2,000V   10 - 820,000
1808       10V - 4,000V   10 - 820,000
1812       10V - 4,000V   10 - 1,000,000
2225       10V - 4,000V   10 - 2,000,000

Welcome your kind inquiry about our latest quotation and samples. 
For more details, visit our web site:  http://www.tinghua.com 
Best Regards£¡

Richard Long
Sales and Marketing Manager
Tinghua Technologies Ltd  
Tel:+86-20-3399 0632   
FAX:+86-20-3450 8583
Address: No. 18-303, Xinpu Zhonglu, 511431,Guangzhou, China
E-Mail:   Richard.long at tinghua.com 
MSN:      soarlong at hotmail.com
WEB:      http://www.tinghua.com

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