[Chlug] Intro

Mycoffs.com jamie at mycoffs.com
Mon Jan 12 19:11:02 UTC 2004

Hey all,
Is this mailing list still active? the coffs linux community has not 
vanished into a haze of pretty GUI ..crashes and the sound of windows 
startup? eeek i shutter to think..
just a quick intro... i am Jamie.. 25, slackware linux user.. interests 
include wireless 802.11a/b/g (http://wireless.mycoffs.com) web design 
(wouldnt go as far as to say i am a web designer..) linux.... linux and 
more linux... i have tried a few different distros .. slackware seems to 
like me tho. i dont have problems with it.. :) anyways enought.. hope 
there  are still u linux users out there in coffs.. maybe we could get 
togeather sometime.


jamie at mycoffs.com

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