[Chlug] Gettin online using CNet external modem and RH8

Vinord Anand vinordfj at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 15 09:15:04 UTC 2003


I am using Win XP and have a Conexant SmartHSF
internal modem on a PCI slot.

My RH8 installed on another partition can't detect
this modem when I used the Internet Configuration
Wizard. I only have PCI slots in my PC. Do you think
its possible to use this internal modem for internet 

But since then I got an old external modem (CNet).
Its on /dev/ttys0 as when I do 
cat something > /dev/ttys0 some of the LED lights up.

Also minicom appears to be able to talk to it
as I see the LED's change.

Using Internet Configuration Wizard I was able to dial

out once before but could not access the internet from
netscape once modem had completed dialing.

Now I can't even dial with CNet.

I am a newbie with regards to RH internet
configurations and any help with geting online with
the external modem would be much appreciated.


Vinord Anand

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