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Karl Clements phoenix at austnet.org
Sat Nov 22 20:03:02 UTC 2003

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G'day Scott,

I was talking to some friends about this last night and was thinking of
putting up a website for the lug.

I am in Coffs and would like to participate in linux community type

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Karl Clements

<reply who="Scott McLachlan" date="Fri,
21 Nov 2003 21:18:04-0500">

> Hiya..
> I'm new to the list (and to Coffs)
> Just wondering, 
> a) How many people on the list are actually located in coffs?
> and
> b) Whether or not they would be interested in some activities... at my
> old LUG we used to have BBQ's and network sessions (LAN games and
> such) as well as meetings (where someone might talk about their fav
> opensource project, or teach a particular linux technology that they
> are most familiar with etc)
> If you can either respond to the list, or to redscott at techie.com I
> will collate the responses and endeavor to put something together if
> there is positive feedback.
> Cheers
> Scott
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