[Cbsupport] Knoppix 3.4 Install

deBnMax hortnfash at dodo.com.au
Thu Mar 31 12:43:02 UTC 2005

Hi All
I've finally found the  time to Install Knoppix 3.4 but there are some 
problems. (For the 3rd time)
I tired reinstalling Knoppix 3.3 and broke it. LOL

One is permissions.  I managed to use a GUI tool and create a floppy and 
CD Rom desktop icon andthe floppy will mount and unmount as wellas open 
documents but would let me write to the disk. Though I can copy any file 
from it and save it to home.

As best I can I have chanded my sourse list from the german to 
ftp.au.debain.org and # the ones I don't want like java and wireless.  
It seems to work.  But I tried to apt-get ktouch and guarddog and after 
hours it did not unpack but came back with an error (1) from 
usr/bin/dpkg.  There were many items to change.  So I don't know if I 
want to go ahead with anything or not.  Like fix missing or -f.  I am 
thinking maybe to clean, auto-clean to get rid of it.  I did another 
upgrade and that just streamed through as already updated.

I have a 2.4G Hard drive and I made the swap 128 exactly after lots of 
mucking around with cfdsck and QTparted.
To get up those 2 packages above do I need to apt-get remove those 
packages listed by Kylie at

> http://lists.linux.org.au/archives/cbsupport/2004-July/msg00006.html.  
> As I have some room.

For some strange reason my Mitsubishi Diamond view scanner is not 
wokring and it now says scanner 22 instead of scanner 23?

Also How do I configure my sound card.  It is a CreativeTEch Vibra 16 
1994 I think the model number is ct2260 I have used both the ESS Sound 
Card Howto Abstract off CBV docs and the Knoppix Soundcardconfig to no 
success as well as moving the card up and down in different slots.  So 
How did CBV config it in the first place?  Or does it work as something 
else.  Maybe I need to get a differnt sound card?  we don't now have a 
compatable printer as the other Epson died and we liked it so much we 
bought a new one C45 but it is not compatable with Linux as far as I can 
see and I thought they might have upgraded it by now.

On a good note I bought a 19" Coloure monitor 2nd hand and another stick 
of 128MB RAM so I now have 256MB Ram.

thanks Avery

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