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Deb&Max hortnfash at dodo.com.au
Thu Jun 17 14:41:01 UTC 2004

Chris wrote

>If the cable only accept one IDE device; buy a new cable - they can be 
>purchased new for around $5 for most computer stores (you may get it 
>cheaper; many places have spares lying around).
> Sorry I don't know your computer - nor the hard drive you made mention 
> of - I'd believe it'd install without problems (that can't be solved 
> anyway), but it's this is my opinion. Most of my drives (if purchased) 
> these days come from a computer store (2nd hand) near the camera shops 
> (sorry, memory is not my strong point (ABI); I think Elizabeth St, 
> north of Bourke corner; west side of Elizabeth); they sell IDE drives 
> from $10-$30, SCSI from $20-$40. Drives & other hardware are those 
> taken out of traded-in machines and come with 30 day warranty. If 
> you're unsure; this may be an option (cheaper drive, less risk).

Yes this may be a way to go as I wouldn't want to waste money and 
ComputerBank has the time to test a 2nd hand drive.  I don't need above 
20 probably only 10 and we need to take a trip into the city anyway

> A book I purchased may help; was "Linux Hardware", thick (blue cover) 
> book around 800+ pages (sorry can't find it; not in the bookcase as 
> I've been using it rebuilding machines), which covers all this and 
> more. Cost me $5 from the book store opposite RMIT that sell off 
> computer books at bargain prices (Collins Booksellers; checked the bag 
> for that, Swanston St I think, north of LaTrobe, west side of 
> LaTrobe). Of course they may be all sold; at that price they wouldn't 
> have lasted long.

Well we need to explore the city and play tourist anyway and we are 
going to TAFE so I can check out the Library books and do a google and 
check out www.lsl.com.au they sell books.

Otherwise Simeon sent me a very good link on installing a hard drive

> http://www.mysuperpc.com/hdu/add_new_hard_drive_2.shtml

> My thoughts anyway - Chris Guiver (guiverc at dodo.com.au, 
> guiverc at hotmail.com)
thanks Avery

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