[Cbsupport] AJS and DEWR stink

Maxwell&de Brouwer hortnfash at dodo.com.au
Fri Sep 26 16:35:02 UTC 2003

Dear Mr Abbott

I am appalled at the treatment I have received form AJS and DEWR
1.     They don't know what they are doing
2.     The www.jobsearch.gov.au is a complete mess and does not work
3.     AJS keep arguing with me but they are wrong
4.     The Computer Server keeps crashing
5.     You can not access you Personal pages after the hours of 8am till 
7pm Monday to Friday
           So therefore you are missing out a great Opportunity for Job 
seeking on Saturdays
6.   It is almost impossible to save your information on Personal pages
7.   New computer Program I believe installed in March is still not 
working nearly 7 months later
       This is not on
8.   The Job network members have a success rate of 4% of all jobs the 
old CES had a success rate of 6%
9.   CRS have told me of the difficulties
10.   Centrelink still has complaints of Touch Screens not working
11.   Passwords have been changed
12.   Many Work for the Dole people have told me how it does not work
13.   Volunteer section is set up for Work for Dole and Green Corps not 
          which you can't do either if you are on a DSP or WorkCover
14.   It often closes half way through doing something due to Technical 
15.   Job matching  and daily alerts does not work

The programmers should be fired
You have totally failed I have been in contact with Today tonight
This is abysmal
Not good enough Mr Abbott
How do you answer this and when will it be fixed?
It was better before at least you could use it 24 hours a day and get 
job matches

Avery de Brouwer-Leslie
Hallam VIC
on Disability Support Pension

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