[Cbsupport] re GUI Clock changes for Newbies

M&D hortnfash at dodo.com.au
Wed Oct 29 22:26:02 UTC 2003

Grant wrote

>> No command lines needed
>Not required debian should change for daylight savings automatically.
>On all computerbank shipped systems anyway.
>If you install your own system then that's different ;)
Well thats funny I had to change the time on it from the Computerbank system before any way as it was wrong

Gee and maybe I'm doing Ok being able to install my own system that got the Printer and Scanner 
working straight away and it only took 40 mins

I have seen postings from persons who do not have a Computerbank Computer and ohter distrabutions on this list and
what are we not alowed to experiment and try other Linux things.  Not so long ago someone told me they were looking a RedHat distrabution 
and apparently CBV looks at other possiblities, maybe nothing is suitable at the moment, but maybe one day there could be

There seems to be a gap for Newbies information and getting thing just done.  
A lot of Techies don't use or know about GUI and I am trying right or wrong  to fill a void
 almost every Linux User admits that Command lines even if you are familar with DOS take years to learn

What if you just want to use things now and get things done?

There is always another option to doing things and I think the programers who make this GUI stuff would love to know people are using it

I also said how you can change the look and feel of the clock

Its just an alternative.

The rule I was given is there is no support if you put Windows on not another Debian
At least I stayed with debian its not that different

I now have a boot floppy and Knoppix to try and solve any more  problems

It ment that I didn't have to take in the box to CBV and tie them up and I didn't have to lug it in 2 hours on the train and then back again
I found a way that I could be more self sufficient and I can learn from my mistakes

There is more than one way to skin a cat there is several ways to patternmake a garment There are many ways to sew it
So therefore there are many ways to use your Computer to get things done
until I or others learn more on Command lines it may be useful to know where th GUI programs are and how to use them
There are so many Graphical  User Interface GUI programs on the Box CBV distro or Knoppix it seems a shame not to use them
Or to know that they are there.
Otherwise why are putting them on?

As a friend of mine on Luv has just this minute emailed me its the GUI's that will get the general Public using Linux and
he thought that in the last few years that Linux GUI are getting better than Microsoft which he has to use at work

so I will continue to  post GUI's to help Newbies or other crossing over from Microsoft someone might find it doing a google search
I am sure it will help someone


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