[Cbsupport] Dirty laundry

Maxwell&de Brouwer hortnfash at dodo.com.au
Wed Oct 1 21:07:02 UTC 2003

Its amazing how you can be used, when 2 people or sides are having a spat
Its just as well I don't air other peoples dirty laundry
but maybe some should be careful of what they IM, email or say
I don't like being in the middle
Sort it out yourself and don't involve me please
And maybe the answer is to be open minded about other peoples ideas
and reach a Compromise, grey, half way somewhere in between and if not
how about the old one agree to disagree
Is there really any right or wrong
Things change and there are always new things around
But yes sometimes the old things work very well still

I use a new method of patternmaking clothes
but I have returned to the old method of constructing blocks/slopers
with a variation I have worked out to keep things to todays silhouette/fit
An analogy

Good bye and good luck
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