[Cbsupport] RE: How do you print screen?

Mirko Fluher mfluher at hamiltoncollege.vic.edu.au
Thu May 29 08:50:29 UTC 2003

> Hi all
> I have debian Sid
> I think the latest
> I want to use my TAFe Word processing text book for windows 
> to adapt for 
> a tutorial for OpenOffice for Computerbank
> I need to print screen to get pictures of the Openoffice 
> Layout to show 
> where menus and icons are etc
> I think you press shift and print screen together
> or is it contorl and print screen
> and it thens goes to clipboard but I don't know where my clipboard is 
> what it is called orwhere it is in Debian
> please help
> this would be saved and emailed to computerbank as an email 
> not actually 
> printed thanks
> Avery
try gimp ... it will allow you to capture any section of the screen.

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