[Cbsupport] my new debian Sid Review

deBrouwer&Maxwell hortnfash at dodo.com.au
Thu May 29 04:30:01 UTC 2003

Dear CBS

 I apt-get -d dist-upgrade

Grant would let me install it

I t took him hours remotely to do it  (thank you yet again Grant) :-)

I'm afraid I don't understand why he had to do it step by step but maybe 
he could re explain it to us later

He kept Mozilla and Galeon at the previous level to not break the flash 
viewers to accomodate us
we got the new kde and icewm  the kde is alright its differnt

the text wouldn't work on gaim at first but he fixed that
the new xchat totally confused me  I got it set on David's side but I 
had a lot of trouble finding my chanel on my side but I did find it and 
connected this morning

Grant put monopoly (chanel) on and I played a game with him he creamed me

I have less games great 86 was too many

I love the new icewm it has a light coloured screen and in general 
apperance it has lighter colurs in general and just love it I like the 
new menu and I have mozilla on the task bar great

I now use (after a LUV suggestion) icewm for internet and kde for 
composing and printing  I like to have all the graphical interfaces 
sometimes but I like my internet to be faster

I have tried lynx but I get lost 4 pages in I will persist though I 
don't like to be beaten

I think this is mostly Sid the evil next door neighbour from Toy Story  
I haven't tried Open office or kOffice or Abiword yet so we'll see

The idea of this was to see if it would help Grant build and configure 

Now if I could just work out how to use wine

Accutually I've told David  I've got too many Linux things to learn so 
look here is some sites and docs for wine you read it and work out how 
to use it for your 3d Landscape
He is a lot more happier since we got the new replacement modem and have 
such a great dial up service now.   He is getting on the net more and he 
is learning how to print things and save pages and is starting to do his 
TAFe assignments on OpenOffice at last I think  I can now call him a 
computer user at last

cheers  happy happy Avery :-D

now for the scanner Yuck
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