[Cbsupport] Thanks - ALMOST there!

Cara Rosehope cararosehope at hotmail.com
Wed May 7 18:55:02 UTC 2003

Thanks Kylie and CB Support crew.

I can now mount the floppy, BUT, I cannot get a list of floppy documents 
when I click on the OPEN option in the FILE drop-down menu as I could before 
when I go to the drop-down menu.  It gives /mnt/floppy as an option, but 
this is blank. When I get my list of documents on left clicking over the 
FLOPPY ICON, it reads
                 <file:/floppy>, and not </mnt/floppy>

Does that give you any clues?

Also, the list of documents on the floppy that comes up is so small that I 
can't read them so it's not practical to go via this route with a floppy 
with more than a few docs on it.

Thanks to whoever it was that gave me the zoom suggestion - seems to have 
done the trick.

The computer is now saving modified preexisting docs. THANKS.

How can I get my computer to talk to my printer ?- a matter of some urgency 
for me - I have the CB recommended CANON BJC-1000SP model.

I look forward to you working further miracles - thanks so much,


>From: Kylie Davies <kylied at projectx.com.au>
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>To: cbsupport at lists.linux.org.au, Cara Rosehope <cararosehope at hotmail.com>
>Subject: Re: [Cbsupport] Problems with Cara's Computer
>Date: Wed, 07 May 2003 15:04:57 +1000
>Hi there Cara and David,
>Hmmm - this is our bad - with the fstab setup...and the floppy icon on the 
>So for a quick fix - we should just re-set the icon properties....
>On the desktop there's the floppy icon (the one you click on to mount)... 
>what we need to do is RIGHT click over it and click on the Properties 
>This will bring up a dialogue box with some TABS in it. (General, 
>Permissions, Device)
>We need to get you tomake some  changes under the Device settings TAB.
>Click on the drop down box (at the very top) and select the option that 
>says /dev/fd0 (floppy)
>Upon doing this - the Mount Point field - should say /floppy
>If it still says /mnt/floppy - try to MANUALLY type it in.
>Once you have done this - all things should be good again.
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