[Cbsupport] Problems with Cara's Computer

Cara Rosehope cararosehope at hotmail.com
Wed May 7 12:11:01 UTC 2003

I have these problems with my newly rebuilt computer in Kword

*will not any work done on an existing document
<Reason: Not able to write on maindoc.xml>

*will not mount floppy
<can't find/mt/floppy in etc/fstab ot/etc/mtab

*Kword page is half size of screen. With a size 12 font the writting is too 
small to read easily. The page size does not increase with clicking the 
MAXIMIZE icon, or with the double-arrow diagnol drag

*When trying to reach my favourite font on the drop down meny the computer 
seizes up and returns to the log in page.

Also. my printer and my computer are no longer talking to each other.

Can you help?



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