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Andrew Rickard andrew.rickard at webone.com.au
Tue Jul 29 20:20:02 UTC 2003

Cheeky sod!
But well called!

In my world an "elaborate and decorative Resume
using Word Art and Borders, also using subtle bold, italic or character
format focusing the readers eye to pay attention to what I felt was
important" would get you to the round file! but hey maybe the standards are
more kinda Arty Farty in Sydney.

If you want professional advice about writing a good resume I'm not your
man, true - mainly because I don't charge for the service so I don't want
the job, but If you want a hint - think of yourself as an employer looking
for someone with real skills and experience to suit their job - then write
your resume and submit it so it doesn't get stuffed around electronically.

As far as the agencies who just pass on the same resume you send in - I
wouldn't use them - too lazy!

By  the way - I happen to enjoy an unmatched reputation in my field in
Canberra with both clients and applicants!

Cheers A

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> Andrew wrote
> Hi folks
> I am a recruitment agent.  We reformat your res anyway adn change it to
> to send to clients!
> The best presentation is as a pdf file but be sure to attach a Word
> too if you expect the employer is behind the times.
> Cutting an pasting into the body of an email is no good and neither are
> pretty graphics.
> If you are looking for a job show that you can be practical and accurate.
> Cheers Andrew
> Andrew like adn (accurate)
> How many recruitment agencies have you worked for?
> Is your agency Specialised?
> Funny if you look at the Web Sites to look for work that I provided
> I'm not going to do all the work
> There are tips on Resumes, Monster is a major recruitment agency and seek
is a major job site
> There is no mention of pdf resumes
> There is a mention about text, cut and pasting into the email body
> I always place my application letter there so they see it straight away
> I haven't been working for the last 18 months as I have been looking after
David who had a broken back and wrist and I was caring for him
> I was registered with many agencies in Sydney and got a well paid job in a
large financial Services Call Centre through a large Recruitment Agency
> The comment and what got me the interview was my elaborate and decorative
> using Word Art and Borders, also using subtle bold, italic or character
format focusing the readers eye to pay attention to what I felt was
> The thing is if I sent a text only Resume I didn't get an interview
> The same with David
> When I reformatted, turning it into Landscape and using Graphics they both
got noticed here in Melbourne and in Sydney
> David and I both had assistance with Care Employment in Sydney and I have
assistance with CRS here in Melbourne and David did have assistance with
Recovre.  Our Resumes have been heavily discussed in the 2 biggest Cities
and they get us the interviews.  Your way  has not worked.
> Reformatting, Funny whether I have faxed or Emailed to a Job Network
Provider or a private Recruitment Agency they present to me the Resume I
sent in unchanged, Then when I've had my 3rd Interview and then with the
Employer guess what!  They too had my Original Resume.
> You need to get noticed and you need to be in there quick and once you
find something that works what ever it be stick with it.
> I had 10 Interview per week in Sydney during the Olympic Games, I was told
that was impossible. That may not sound much but it either took one hour to
travel to Sydney City or 2 hours to Parramatta.  The interview who take 2-3
hours at a time and the next one may have been across the city.  I have
never driven!
> I applied by phone, fax or email and I had a cold calling letter.  I
applied for 40 jobs a week over a 6-8 week period, I did not have the
internet at home I had to go to the Library, Centrelink or Care Employment
to get it done.  I had a Mobile phone and people could leave a message if I
was in an interview or talk to me if not I got interviews that afternoon or
the next day I had no gaps. so I must have attended in that period 60-80
> I have many disabilities but I believe I had great success in the end I
was offered 3 jobs.
> A boring text Resume will not get you noticed one with Graphics will.
> So I suggest try both and see what works for you all I can say is from
experience and may interviews Andrews Methods did not work for me.  Maybe
its the type of jobs I was going for.
> Call Centre, Fashion Manufacturing, Admin, Reception and Hairdressing
> I'm multiskilled, talented and creative and have attended about 12 TAFE
courses these are my strengths.
> But what lets me do is I don't oversell myself or Lie
> My sister in law gets a job in a couple of days but lies through her teeth
and leaves 3 months later before she gets fired.  I'm not beautiful,
probably ugly and though well groomed and fashionable, I'm very large (fat)
as well as leaving school at 15 and these with the disabilities work against
> So if it works for you do it.  If not change it.  I'm just sharing with
you my experiences.
> Real life experiences
> Avery
> Mr Horticulture & Ms Fashion

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