[Cbsupport] Newbies: Using your Computer to look for jobs

Averydebrouwer hortnfash at dodo.com.au
Sat Jul 26 01:08:02 UTC 2003

I was asked for this from someone else I thought the answer may be 
useful for CBS Newbies
One of the things was using pdf

Hi Gang
I have been working for several months assisting my partner to find work 
and I am doing it myself now
Most jobs are through agencies, the usual mode is to present it in 
Sorry thats what most people want.  so using OpenOffice.org (OOo) is the 
best to save it as that format, but the formating does change slightly, 
Go to a Library and bring it up on floppy disk under MSWord and reformat 
and save, this will make it look more professional and use the disk for 
attachments not the Computer, Unfortunately the formatting does change 
slightly between both it ends up looking a bit messy.  The point is to 
get a job not to promote Linux do that when you have the job!

Many people don't like pdf's that includes Linux users I don't mind them
But I 've never heard of it being done that way

Many business having Microsoft live in fear of Viruses So many are not 
liking attachments, if they have too much pictures/graphics they will 
probably be filtered out and never be read

A better Option and to get any creativity as graphic make your resume 
more interesting
is to use a html editor like OOo and cut and paste it to send it.  this 
way there are no attachments.  espically with your cover letter

Save your Resume as Your Name Resume or similar that way it won't get 
filtered out as easily

Make sure you put keywords into  a cover letter from add, limits filtering
So changling, dinamic, leadership qualities, team player put these in 
also limits filtering out

Another way is if Optus gives you a web space be creative and put your 
Resume on the web then you can give a link out for them to look but many 
companies disallow internet only intra net

go to Centrlink and get a jobnetwork Number and find one Jobnetwork Provider
then you can set up an account with www.jobsearch.gov.au/ and put your 
Resume online and get daily job alerts you can view with lynx and you 
can go just text in the right hand corner this will make browsing quicker
This sytem is not working very well at the moment though

Also you get get daily job alerts and do searches from
http://www.mycareer.com.au/ (the Age and local papers)
http://www.careerone.com.au/ (Herald Sun and local 
http://www.hudsonresourcing.com.au/ ( was tmp.worldwide)
both select and manpower if you get registered have internet learning  
for free so if you need to brush up on your keyboard skills or learn a 
MS package there is an extra benifit

Brush up your keyboard skills with ktouch

Tip when searching if you are searching for more than one type of job
Konqueror is good at this click duplicate window
So for example if you go to www.jobsearch.gov.au click VIC then 
locations then General It jobs then say cick duplicate window (under 
file I think) say 3 times and then each one of those select specific 
jobs on each page jump backwards and forwards as each loads

If you use Galeon or Mozilla its something like save on leaving so when 
you click new navigator under file it comes up with the URL of the first

Tip for speed its get boring and tedious disable/block images makes it 
quicker and there mostly adds

Book ( An Australian One)
the secrets to getting ajob    by Phillip Garside    Hyland House South 
First Pub 1997 reprint 2000    ISBN 1 86447 013 5.     printed in Australia

Check out your wardrobe for an IT interview
Suit and Tie don't go for black  unless its the best colour have some 
colour in the tie try somesomething funky and young.  get some advice on 
what you have and how the style and colour suit you, Get a desent 
haircut you can get them for as cheap as $10, don't look like a geek or 
nurd for an interview as through agencies mostly they like young and funky
Theroy goes if you  look uptodate your skills will be as well

If you can find someone professional do a couple of role plays of 
interview situations
You need you answers to role off the tongue
If you have any disabilities get with a specialist provider they help 
fund things
If not intensive assistance big changes from July 1, so thery're out to 
impress at the moment

good luck and go for it
Cert 3 Hairdressing
Diploma Apparel Manufacturing
Cert 2 Teleservices/Call Centres
Cert 2 Business/Admin half completed

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