[Cbsupport] re: What do you use your Linux Computer for?

Maxwell & deBrouwer hortnfash at dodo.com.au
Mon Jul 14 13:26:02 UTC 2003

> hi Avery,
> I am not exactly a newbie, but I can tell you that I use my computer for
> all desktop requirements, including:
> movies, music, accounting, writing, email, browsing. There is very
> little that an Open Source computer can not do. So far, I am unable to
> download pictures from my digital camera but only because I made the
> mistake of not looking at supported cameras first.
Thanks Shaun
> I use the following applications:
> email: fetchmail -> postfix -> procmail -> spamassassin -> mutt
I use Mozilla for emails
> www browsing: konqueror, lynx
I've tried lynx but I get a bit lost 3 pages in
I use Konqueror and Mozilla for browsing I removed Galeon to save space 
but I did like that
We search for lots of images that's why we don't use lynx much
> news: slrn
I'm about to use mozilla for that but I get mine form i7 ninemsn and 
google news
> irc: irssi
I removed that
> editing/ writing: vim
I can't get kate to work any more so I use Kwrite now
> reading .docs: abiword
Open Office.org writer
> spreadsheets: gnumeric
Haven't been doing spread sheets of late used KOffice for that  but 
willl use OOo now
> movies/dvds: mplayer
Wasn't working for me
> mp3s: mpg123
XMMS it came up auto for me and plays reall good
> ripping mp3s: ripit.pl
> editing images: gimp, xv, imagemagick (eg mogrify)
gphoto, gimp whatever the image come up best on
> burning cds: burncd
> window manager: fvwm2
> ftp: ncftp

Not sure what a windows manager is
> There are so many choices with OSS it is a shame that so many people
> need to use something that acts like outlook, or is similar to ms word,
> or looks like windows.
Don't like MS Outlook has too many things wrong
Absolutly love Mozilla so gave Kmail the flick

I also use xpdf and ghostview pdf
> I love having so much choice and power. I can see why the dumbing down
> of OSS is useful in helping new users, but it is a shame. There is so
> much fun, potential and power when you become used to the command line.

If I don't use it I got rid of it purged it
I have a very small 2.3 hdd ide so I need to be careful of room I also 
get about 1000 emails a week which I have to delete or save somewhere else
> cheers
> shaun

We are using the Computer to research our arts and crafts
Emailing keeping in contact with family in Sydney
Looking for work
TAFE asssignments and research and it helps when I do Volunteering

Any one else?

CARA I'm interested in what you do and if you got your mail and OOo working

regards Avery

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