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Shaun Branden shaun at pcuse.com
Mon Jul 14 12:29:02 UTC 2003

On Mon, Jul 14, 2003 at 01:45:31PM +1000, Maxwell & deBrouwer wrote:
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> I really would like to hear  I 'd also like to know how and what you use 
> your computer for,  I'm interested

hi Avery,
I am not exactly a newbie, but I can tell you that I use my computer for
all desktop requirements, including:
movies, music, accounting, writing, email, browsing. There is very
little that an Open Source computer can not do. So far, I am unable to
download pictures from my digital camera but only because I made the
mistake of not looking at supported cameras first.

I use the following applications:
email: fetchmail -> postfix -> procmail -> spamassassin -> mutt
www browsing: konqueror, lynx
news: slrn
irc: irssi
editing/ writing: vim
reading .docs: abiword
spreadsheets: gnumeric
movies/dvds: mplayer
mp3s: mpg123
ripping mp3s: ripit.pl
editing images: gimp, xv, imagemagick (eg mogrify)
burning cds: burncd
window manager: fvwm2
ftp: ncftp

There are so many choices with OSS it is a shame that so many people
need to use something that acts like outlook, or is similar to ms word,
or looks like windows.

I love having so much choice and power. I can see why the dumbing down
of OSS is useful in helping new users, but it is a shame. There is so
much fun, potential and power when you become used to the command line.


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