[Cbsupport] OOo-help-en

Maxwell & deBrouwer hortnfash at dodo.com.au
Mon Jul 14 11:09:02 UTC 2003

Ok I have had an IM from a CB in Melbourne
and I've had a email from a CB in Adelaide

If you have OOo why can't you have help-en

Will it break the system or not

If it is availble why not have it

There weem to be a disagreement here wether it will break the system or not
> Not necessarily.
> It *might* break the system but the whole point of "apt" and the Debian
> archives is to reduce this likelihood.
the quote above seems to make me think that it might be possible to do

Another CB in Melbourne supported me from the beginning to apt-get 
install as it puts the programs there and unpacks them safely

Which I have been doing

There is an extra package out there help-en that would make OOo more useful
So how can you do it safely or can't you

I thought we were supposed to find things out for ourselves
I assume that help-en is a useful tool for OpenOffice it has heaps of 
info in it

Ok now my postings are to help other newbies they are not for techies, 
Obviously you know all this anyway

I'm hoping that other newbies will post things they find as well
So we don't all go a round in cirles and that way help ourselves

I don't like being critised for every little thing I do and in future I 
will copy and paste those coments on the list for all to see

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