[Cbsupport] Changing over from MS Word to OOo

deBrouwer&Maxwell hortnfash at dodo.com.au
Fri Jul 11 14:20:01 UTC 2003

Hi I wish I had this 3 months ago
Ok its a pdf You might have to save it and view it after
I can't get these things to read of Konqueror but I can off Mozilla

If you are a newbie to linux and you've just got OpenOffice.org
but you have been using MS Word this might make it easy to swap over and
Know where things are and what they are called to just get in and do it

Most options seem to available with both
MS Word has a couple of extra features
and then OOo has a couple that MS Word doesn't
Apparently Star Office has even more features but costs you
Its not Open Source and I'm to stingey to page

Basically they don't look that different and OpenOffice lets you save as 
MS won't let you save as .sxw
MS cost a fortune and OOo is free and can be updated regularly for free
Of course OOo is more stable as well

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