[Cbsupport] KMAIL issues and verifying / changing settings

Kylie Davies kylied at projectx.com.au
Fri Jul 4 12:43:02 UTC 2003

Hello there KMAIL people,

This is the second time I have heard that KMAIL settings getting wiped 
once set - so I wonder if it is a bug. Cara's email was working when it 
left cbank - I set it up and checked it myself.

But to re-set up KMAIL for telstra bigpond...

Before you start - make sure you have your email details handy and you 
should also have your password handy.

Open KMAIL...

Click on the SETTINGS menu -> go to Configure KMAIL...

Now in the CoNFIGURE KMAIL dialogue - there are a number of things we 
need to check...

In the LEFT PANE FRAME - there are a whole lot of options - first one 

In here we need to put details like  our name and email address.

Next one - NETWORK - is the most important option - here is where we 
tell KMAIL which servers we use for the purpose of email sending and 

It seems that your sending email works - so it's the receiving part we 
want to investigate. :)

This means we need to look at settings for incoming mail.

This information can be found in the bottom pane - to the left of all 
the options.

There must be at least one account configured to receive email. If 
your's is empty - that's half the problem - you have no account (and if 
it is a kmail bug - this is what we are likely to see - NOTHING!). If 
there is an account in there - we will need to check it thoroughly to 
see that all the settings have been entered correctly.

If you have to ADD an account - the first thing it wants to know - is 
what type of server it is...for you it would be POP - so check that box.

Next we are presented with the ADD ACCOUNT dialogue -

Under the general account settings we need to enter some information...

Name: Can be anything - usually your name or the account name - eg Bigpond

Login: is the login name for your email - is usually the first part of 
your email address - eg cararosehope

Password: Enter the password for your email account or isp account (i 
have no idea what this is)

Host: We need to enter the mail server name - for BIgpond accounts this 
is mail.bigpond.com

Port: should be left as is, ie 110

Finally check the box that says "store password in configuration file"..

That takes care of settings for KMAIL.

Once done Click OK.

This will take you back to the initial settings menu ...from here - we 
click on APPLY. (right at the bottom). To exit KMAIL settings - click on 

Now try and check your email - hopefully it should work. :)

If you already have an account in the incoming mail area - instead of 
adding another one - select the account (click on it) and then choose 
MODIFY. Go through and check that all the settings are correct. (see above).

To test if it works - send yourself an email. You can also test it by 
sending yourself an email from a web based email account. :)



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