[Cbsupport] cara' Open office

deBrouwer&Maxwell hortnfash at dodo.com.au
Fri Jul 4 07:26:02 UTC 2003

get konqueror up and in the location key in

> file:/var/lib/dpkg/status

click on the and kwriter or something should pop up go into it
click on edit/find
key in openoffice and click Ok
write down what the package and status say
then press F3 the function key on the top to take you to the next one 
click a few time until you get to the next openoffice package
Openoffice.org-bin should be ther first
then openoffice.org-spellcheck-de-de
then libming-fonts-openoffice

Ok you are writing down only Package: openoffice.org
& Package: openoffice.org-bin
& Package:Openoffice.org-110-en
& Package: openoffice/org-help-en

They Satus should read  install Ok installed
and then report back
Oh god I hope I get this right because I'm new here too

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> [Cbsupport] Cara's lost Open Office + E-mail problem.
> To: cbsupport at lists.linux.org.au
> Subject: [Cbsupport] Cara's lost Open Office + E-mail problem.
> From: Cara Rosehope <cararosehope at bigpond.com>
> Date: Thu Jul 3 16:29:35 2003
> Hi there.
> I have lost OPEN OFFICE. I think I must have turned my computer off 
> without
> going through the shutdown procedure last night - I was very tired!
> Everything else works OK as far as I can see.
> Except that, as before, I can't recieve E-mails sent to my Bigpond 
> account - I
> can't see anything that strikes me as wrong in the SETTINGS menu, but, 
> hey,
> whaddo I know?!!
> Cheers,
> P.S.  Please keep answers very, very simple.

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