[Cbsupport] confused new user Please help

Andrew Rickard andrew.rickard at webone.com.au
Thu Jul 3 16:28:01 UTC 2003

I live in Canberra and can't find many people to help with this.  I'd like to learn more about Linux and even get certified, but first things first: a few questions - 

I have loaded Mandrake 9 onto a separate hard drive on my computer and it seems to work just fine, but no the computer insists on asking for Linux firs.  I can still boot to Windows  but have to select NT from a Linux screen.  How can I make Windows the default again and how can I then boot to Linux when I want to.

I am looking for home studio sound recording software to record original music - does anyone know of any good products for Linux.

I tried to load some software from a disk, but the instructions tell me confusing things which involve running commands ??  I'm not at all familiar with operating Linux - is there a guide somewhere so that I can learn the basics for installing, modifying uninstalling software???  Even just entering in my internet account details to use Linux to browse the web seems daunting???

I'm keen to meet up with other Linux users in Canberra - anyone out there????

Regards Andrew
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