[Cbsupport] Printing htmls poss solution

deBrouwer&Maxwell hortnfash at dodo.com.au
Thu Jul 3 15:51:01 UTC 2003

as regards to a posting a month ago about printing a pdf file which I 
still ahven't done yet
Nor could I print an html
Today I noticed trying to print  a sved html through Konqueror I never 
noticed a tab before with html on it
I clicked on it  and deselected the 3 items like don't print banners 
print in black and what ever the other was
and I successfully printed one
then the ink in my cartridge ran out andI couldn't try it again
But with mozilla it doesn't have a selection of cups or Epson on it strange
It has post sciprt/default


this above is then in properties I suppose there is some command line I 
should put in  telling it to use Epson
I'll have to google for it or read some man files

At least I know I can save the file and print it through konqueror if I 
deselect the 3 above

Though I can't have a preview it has never let me use ghostscript so I 
think it is linked to xpdf and I'll have to change it
My Aunty emailed me and told me she had written a story on my Mum Sheila 
and her death with photos so instead of
waitng for her to email it to me from CA I did a google search
I put in SADS what she died from
and then I search with in the results for Canada
and then in the results for Sheila and it came up the top of the page
Well I was using Konqueror andit was a pdf and it brought up ghost 
script and was blank
So what I did was highlighted the Url and copied it
and then pasted itn to mozilla and it brought up ghost script and it 
read beautifully
I go to see an old picture of my Mum and aunt and Grandad and a story 
about the leslie family and long QT waves (SADS)
I've just written an article for www.sads.org.au I don't know when it 
will be uploaded they are going to put a picture of me and a picture of 
my mum on it
On Sunday I start volunteering with them they have just become a legit 

To some up its amazing what you can find on the net and if you can't 
view something with 1 browser try the others
If you can't print off from 1 place try another if you can't get ghost 
vies to work try xpdf
Usaulally I can overcome an obstically be trying something esle no 
always but sometimes I can

try for yourself a google search see in you can find the Leslie Family 
story by Jean Oldery and about Sheila de Brouwer
As a exercise in searching for something on the net


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