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Fri Aug 22 22:56:01 UTC 2003


I liked the beginning of this article

So much so that I sent it to my Uncle who is a school principal in country NSW

I have been saying to them to put open source on their Computers

they just bought a new MS XP and got caught out on MS Blast and had to patch like crazy

If you have people with Windows so they can know what it is like to have Opensource

they can have X-chat, mozilla, neoplanet,OpenOffice.org and opera right now for the cost of downloading or a CD

then they can get knoppix and see from there and it may be a way to get them interested

You know XP is all ready Obsolete Microsoft has already started to release Office 2003

It will be released in October here it should work out to be $1200 for MS Office Pro approx
when you can get OpenOffice.org for under $30 on CD or the cost of a download either on MS Windows or Linux and keep it up to date
Even star Office is only $200
it just goes to show how greedy Bill Gates is

Seeing I can find my posts in  a google search
Are you listen Bill you are ripping people off for products that dangerously don't work properly


Mr Horticulture & Ms Fashion

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