[Cbsupport] What are my programs?

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Wed Apr 9 09:17:32 UTC 2003

Most programs installed on a debian system will have documentation included in
the package and this documentation will be placed in
/usr/share/doc/program_name/ . Often programs will also come with a man page
that you can read if you open a terminal and type man program-name. KDE programs
don't tend to have this but you can use the Help feature in KDE apps to look at
the documentation for them. 
If you just want to have a look at a quick summary of the program just type
apt-cache show programs name. The command dpkg -l will list all the programs
that you have installed on your system.
Another thing you can do is just put the name of the program into google and do
a search for it. Most opensource programs will have a website or at least a page
on sourceforge.net or another software repository and this will give you some
information about the program.


Quoting Avery <hortnfash at dodo.com.au>:

> Dear Group
> As many of you do I have so many programs supplied by computer bank
> as well as more downloaded
> Many of them I don't know what they are and they don't have help read me 
> our about
> How do I find out what they are?
> thanks Avery
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