[Cbsupport] Removing Installed programs and Documents

Mark Clohesy hidden_soul at twistedsouls.com
Mon Apr 7 19:42:03 UTC 2003


I dont know if this will help and I have no idea if it is the right way
as I myself am fairly new to linux..

To read a document file about a package on your computer have a look in
/usr/doc there are heaps there, you could go to a console and type man
/usr/doc for example man /usr/doc/galeon-common faq.gz to read the FAG's
on galeon, you dont need to know the exact name as you can just type a g
then use <TAB> to complete the rest.

As for removing software, I am assuming that you are using debian, if so
you can use apt get remove <package.name> so for instance to remove
galeon you would do apt-get remove galeon

If you dont know the package name do an apt-cache search galeon to get
the exact name of the package to remove

Well thats the way I would do it.. You will need root or su previlages to
use apt

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