[Cbsupport] Linux newbie resources that might be useful

Kylie Davies mailkylie at optushome.com.au
Wed Apr 2 20:45:01 UTC 2003

Hi all,

Below are links to sites that may be useful to you... they seem to be easy to 
read. Some of the application sites also have wonderful resources. For 
example the Gimp site is great. 

Use Linux at Home @ http://www.uselinuxathome.com/ENindex.htm

Some Essential Linux Applications at  
http://linux-newbie.sunsite.dk/lnag_apps.html - site also includes info on 
system administration. It seems easy to read... just looking at the surface 
of it.... The link i have included is straight to the section on 

Linux - A newbies Tale 
http://dogma.freebsd-uk.eu.org/~grrussel/linuxtale.html A newbies tale with 
learning linux. 

Lots of linux links for Beginners at http://www.linuxlinks.com/Beginners/

I will keep looking for other resources. :)



Kylie Davies
Victorian Branch Coordinator
Computerbank Australia Inc 

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