[cai-qld] Unique online job

Marilyn Russell marilyn.russell at checlick.com
Wed Jul 10 00:48:09 EST 2013

Hi Cai Qld,

We're looking for disciplined individuals to work from home. we're currently building a team of online employees to implement a betting system. You will be required to work up to 8 hours a week. Salary starts on $5,000 per month (before bonuses).
Applicants must have the following:

1. High school diploma
2. Ability to work from home
3. Proven successful experience with http://checlick.com/b/click/1761/139419289/65439.html (screen shots or bank statements required). Must earn at least $500 within a week, in either real or play money with a starting amount of no more than $54 at a time.

Marilyn Russell,
HR Manager

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