Tony Banks tonybanks at tbsconsult.com
Fri Jul 20 00:34:32 UTC 2007

Having found you listed in the World Trade Centre Chambers of Commerce directory of my country, I find it pleasurable to offer you my partnership in business.I only pray at this time that your address is still valid.
I am contacting you regarding a brief for the Investment of Fourty Five Million Dollars (US$ 45,000,000) in the UAE, as I presently have a client who is interested in investing in your country, but I have never done business in your country before. I find it imperative to solicit for a partnership.
Hence upon receipt of this letter, I implore you to kindly respond and let me know how possible it is to work with you in mutual partnership under the conditions that:
1. My client's fund is held in cash.
2. My client is willing to invest immediately.
3. My client will pay you a commission of 25% of the investment fund for logistics and protocols.
4. My client desires absolute confidentiality in the handling and management of this brief.
I must draw your attention to the fact that I have kept the information's here in this letter stated brief; as I do not know if you will receive this letter and what your response will be, If you do have the interest and  the capability to partner with me under the above stated condition, I will appreciate your response sent back to me Immediately.
I will appreciate that you include a brief profile of your self and your company if any for me to better appreciate your personality. I look forward to your response and our partnership.
Mr. Tony Banks
TBS Consult, UK.
Email : tonybanks_tbs at yahoo.co.uk

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