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Sun Jan 5 20:07:21 UTC 2003

Greetings all, apologies for duplication and cross postings,
AND, to those of you who have already heard about

As you may know there is a small group of folks in Perth WA
(with added "remote" support from other states), mostly LUG
members and other *nix interested people, attempting to create a "local content" *nix/Open Source magazine covering the .au/nz area.

Currently we will be holding BOF a (Birds of a Feather) meeting at the coming Linux Conf here in Perth, and whilst the linmagau site is already up and running, currently it contains mostly information and basic set up.

We plan to launch the first content filled (online) issue,
some time in Feb 2003, with a hard copy companion
appearing not too many months later, (finances willing).

WHY : would we attempt such madness?

To support the *nix community,
To promote *nix awareness in an Australasian context.
To provide a venue for content more relevant to local issues(au/nz)
To supply tech info/tips/hints/contacts for all *nix users
from newbie to advanced.


Want to help?
Want to just follow what goes on and if this will get off the ground..

Get involved by visiting the pages http://www.linmagau.org and
seeing where you fit in.

To join the working group subscribe to the list
linmag-request at plug.linux.org.au

To join the press release list subscribe to the newsletter
via the www.linmagau.org pages.
(Low traffic announcements of coming editions and site updates)


Spread the word to anyone you know who might be
interested in contributing.


It now :)

For any further info, please reply to this mail
or directly to info at linmagau.org.
For face to face encounters, look for one of us
at the Linux Conf WA Jan 2003 or send me your name
and we will find you :)

Thanks for your time
"local content -- local people"

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