[Announce] Important Notice to Linux Australia Members

President, Linux Australia linuxaus at joeladdison.com
Sun Oct 23 15:21:01 AEDT 2022

Dear Linux Australia Members,

This is a notice to inform you that a Linux Australia member has requested a list of members under Section 7 of the Linux Australia Constitution [0]. Additionally, contact information for members was requested for the purpose of contacting members.

The Linux Australia Council has reviewed this request and determined that a list of member names will be provided under the provision of Section 7 (3) and 7 (4). 

Council has determined that contact details for members will not be provided. Linux Australia is committed to protecting the personal information provided to the organisation through membership, events and all other activities, per our Privacy Policy [1]. As such, we will not be releasing contact details for any members as this would be a breach of privacy.

Linux Australia would like to take this opportunity to remind members that they are able to request that their membership details, other than their name, be made unavailable for inspection by other members under the provision of Section 7 (5). This can be done via the Member Area on the website, by choosing to Update your Profile.

If you have any questions on this matter, please contact Council at council at linux.org.au.

[0] https://github.com/linuxaustralia/constitution_and_policies/blob/master/constitution.txt 
[1] https://github.com/linuxaustralia/constitution_and_policies/blob/master/privacy_policy.md


Joel Addison

Linux Australia

president at linux.org.au 

Linux Australia Inc
GPO Box 4788
Sydney NSW 2001

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