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On 29 May 2017 7:03 am, "Linux Australia President" <president at linux.org.au>

> Hi everyone,
> Hope this finds you and your loved ones warm and well - and your alert
> board green. Linux Australia activities have continued apace over the last
> couple of months, and I'd like to take the opportunity to keep you all
> briefed on progress and planned actions.
> Linux Australia Grants Program
>    - Comprehensive Kerbal Archive Network hosting infrastructure
>    submitted by Paul Fenwick - approved $800 11th May
>    - Hackerspace Ipswich - open hardware for training by Robert Manietta
>    - approved $1500 11th May
>    - Stemformatics open data platform for genomic research by Rowland
>    Mosbergen - approved $5000 27th April
>    - Moe Men's shed - organisation still in formative stage, grant
>    deferred until operational
>    - Sunraysia LuG - hosting and domain name registration by Phil
>    Steel-Wilson - approved $50
> Still under consideration
>    - Hubcaps to creative hubs - open data by Dr Cristina Garduno Freeman
>    - due for consideration 8th June
>    - Ballarat HackerSpace Women's Wednesday by Robert Layton - community
>    feedback due by 8th June, due for consideration 8th June
> In total, we have now committed $AUD 8850 of our $AUD 35k budget. At this
> time no applications have been received for the UX grant matching
> generously offered by Cartesian Creative.
> More information on our Grants Program is available at
> https://linux.org.au/projects/grants. Grant applications are open until
> 30th September 2017, however all funds must be expended by this date (our
> end of financial year).
> Again, many thanks to this community for your well considered and
> professional input and commentary on Grant Applications - your feedback
> helps ensure Council makes well informed decisions on Grants.
> Beyond 2020 Alliance
> Linux Australia is delighted to be a founding partner in the Beyond 2020
> Alliance - a collaborative effort between Internet Australia, IT
> Professionals Australia (formerly SAGE-AU) and the Telecommunications
> Society of Australia, aimed at reshaping the conversation around the NBN -
> and driving evidence-based and research-backed discussions over the future
> of Australia's digital infrastructure post 2020.
> You can join the conversation at http://www.beyond2020.net.au,
> @Beyond2020All on Twitter or https://www.facebook.com/Beyond2020All on
> Facebook.
> Especial thanks go to George Fong for his ever-respectful, diplomatic and
> quietly determined momentum in bringing the group together.
> Linux Australia rebranding
> With special thanks to Sae Ra Germaine (Secretary), Cameron Tudball (Vice
> President) and David Bell (Committee Member), we've now developed a
> Rebranding Brief. We've approached Tania Walker (graphic designer for
> LCA2017 and LCA2018) given her well-received work with the organisation in
> the past - essentially as a preferred supplier - and offered her the
> opportunity to provide first quote for the rebranding work.
> Rebranding work is required before we redevelop our Membership platform
> and website.
> As always, if anyone from the community would like to be involved in this
> tranche of work, we'd love to have your input.
> Linux Australia partnership with VALA Tech Camp
> Linux Australia is delighted to partner with VALA on the VALA Tech Camp,
> to be held 11-13th July in Melbourne.
> https://www.vala.org.au/events/1116-vala-tech-camp
> Linux Australia is funding a Diversity Scholarship, aimed at increasing
> representation of Indigenous and rural/remote practitioners in technology.
> We're also facilitating the delivery of a two-hour Introduction to Python,
> and I'd like to extend thanks to Gala Camacho and Noon Silk from the
> Melbourne Python communities for their involvement, and to Brianna Laugher
> from PyLadies Melbourne for her behind the scenes efforts also. I'll also
> be delivering an introduction to free and open APIs.
> Linux Australia partnership with WordCamp
> We're still finalising details on this one, however the general approach
> is that WordCamp will channel funds to WordPress Meetups in Australia via
> Linux Australia. Many thanks to Josepha Haden from WordCamp, and to Dee
> Teal from the Australian WordPress community for their input and assistance
> on reaching this stage.
> Linux Australia on Facebook and LinkedIn
> We now have our own Facebook presence at https://www.facebook.com/
> LinuxAustralia
> and on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/company/2966738
> Linux Australia events
> Many LA-auspiced events are now in full swing, and I encourage you to
> explore them further.
> JoomlaDay Australia Sydney - https://joomladay.org.au/ - June 17-18, UTS
> Sydney This one-day event brings together the Australian Joomla community
> for talks and workshops. Big kudos to Peter Bui for all his efforts here. WordCamp
> Brisbane  - https://2017.brisbane.wordcamp.org/ - July 22-23, QUT Gardens
> Point
> Tickets are now on sale for another spectacular WordCamp event, brought to
> you by Dion Hulse, Cameron Jones, Ricky Blacker, Hannah Malcolm, Robert
> Wilde and Peter Bui.
> Pycon AU  - https://pycon-au.org/ - August 3-8, Melbourne Convention
> Centre A huge congratulations to all Speakers who received their
> acceptances yesterday, and to all who submitted to the CfP. It's shaping up
> to be an incredible event. Big thanks to Richard Jones and his excellent
> crew.
> DrupalSouth - https://drupalsouth2017.drupal.org.nz/ - November 16-17,
> Auckland The CfP for attendees and speakers is now open. Big thanks to
> Pamela Clifford and Nicole Kirsch and Sparks Interactive for all their
> efforts here.
> linux.conf.au 2018 - January 22-26, UTS Sydney Planning is now well
> underway for linux.conf.au 2018 to be held next January in Sydney. Big
> thanks to Bruce Crawley, James Polley and the team for all their hard work
> to date. You won't want to miss this!
> It's time to start thinking about your #CfP submissions, as #CfP will open
> in a couple of months.
> GovHack - https://govhack.org - July 28-30, everywhere
> Although Linux Australia is not auspicing GovHack this year, we encourage
> you to take a look and get involved - http://www.govhack.org
> Upcoming Conference Bids
> Bids for linux.conf.au 2020 will open in June, so if you're interested in
> running the best Linux conference in the world in your home town, it's time
> to start getting serious!
> We have not received any Bids for Open Source Developers' Conference this
> year. Pycon AU bids are sought through the Pycon AU community.
> As always, your comments, questions, feedback and constructive criticism
> are warmly welcomed.
> Kind regards,
> Kathy
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