[Announce] Upcoming Council Elections

Hugh Blemings president at linux.org.au
Fri Nov 4 15:00:32 AEDT 2016

Dear All,

As we enter the last couple of months of 2016 our thoughts, naturally, 
turn to the Linux Australia AGM and the associated election of Council 
members for the coming year.

At this stage it looks likely that we will have a number of current 
Council members not re-standing for the coming year including at least 
one office bearer role.  No great controversy or drama, simply other 
commitments and priorities in life - the natural progression of things :)

This year has not been without its challenges for a number of members of 
Council, myself included.  This meant that for much of the year the bulk 
of the day to day work fell to a varying subset of the council overall, 
a subset that changed as individuals availability waxed and waned 
throughout the year.

It is not my desire to cause embarrassment by omission or on the other 
hand by recognition, but I would be remiss not to publicly thank Kathy 
and Sae Ra for their almost unceasing efforts to keep things moving when 
these dips in availability occurred.  Thank you.

So to you, our members: Next year will I believe prove an inflection 
point for LA as we seek to consciously map out the future direction for 
the organisation. More on this to follow as the election process 
commences, but it can broadly be summarised as "Sustain" or "Grow"

For now then I'd urge you to consider the following;

* Am I interested in being involved in the running of Linux Australia ?
* Do I have the time available to do so ?
* Do I have the requisite skills ?
* What are my motivations for putting my hand up ?

Clearly the first two are an all but entirely personal decision. If you 
are unsure on either of these first two then, frankly, this probably 
isn't the year for you :)

Assuming you think yes though;

To the third - skills:  Yes, yes you do.  There are often the most minor 
of tasks that "just need doing" - if you brought nothing else to the 
table but a willingness to accomplish these that would be helpful.

We have striven over the years, with reasonable success I think, to 
mentor and help people acquire skills to do more than just the basics. 
So, yes, on the job training as well.

The fourth - Motivation:  Don't do this for the glory, for the title, 
for the money.  There is little to literally none of any of these, as my 
greying hair and odd sleepless night can attest :)

Volunteer because you think Linux Australia's part in Free and Open 
Source Software/Hardware is something worth contributing to; Volunteer 
because you have a willingness and time available to do so; Volunteer 
because you have skin thick enough to brush off the occasional bit of 
noise, but thin enough to be sensitive and contribute to this great 
commons to which we all contribute.

Thank you for your consideration.

Kind Regards,


Linux Australia

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