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Press Release.

For immediate Release.

Announcing the linux.conf.au 2014 Forth Keynote Speaker

It is with great pleasure that the lca2014 team announce Dr Suelette
Dreyfus as our fourth keynote speaker for the conference in Perth, Western

Dr Suelette Dreyfus wrote the book 'Underground', about early hacker
culture in Australia and overseas. The book, written with Julian Assange,
has now been translated into seven other languages and made into two films.
In the true spirit of open source, she gave away the first edition of
'Underground' to Project Gutenberg.

Her writing has appeared in The Guardian, The Independent (London), The
Age, The Sydney Morning Herald, and The Australian as well as in academic
journals in medicine, health and information systems. She has also authored
or co-authored chapters in a number of books, including forthcoming works
on transparency and on whistle-blowing  She's also done more unusual
projects, such as writing 'The Idiot Savants' Guide to Rubberhose'.

A Research Fellow at the Department of Computing and Information Systems at
the University of Melbourne, she has been the Principal Researcher on The
World On line Whistle-blowing Survey, the first on-line survey that gauges
public attitudes to whistle-blowing and has been translated into several
other languages (currently ten).

She currently runs research projects in three areas: e-health, e-education
and the impact of technology on the balance of power between the citizen
and the state with research into whistle-blowing and integrity systems
forming part of the latter area. Before going into academia, Suelette
trained as a cadet and then worked as a staff reporter on the largest
selling newspaper in Australia. She remains active as a journalist.

We would like to thank our Emperor sponsors IBM and HP for supporting
linux.conf.au 2014 and helping our community.

Thanks from the lca2014 Team

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