[Announce] LCA 2013 - Formal bids request

John Ferlito johnf at inodes.org
Wed Mar 23 08:56:30 EST 2011


The Linux Australia council is now requesting formal bid proposals for
hosting LCA2013. You now have just under two months to prepare your
bids and send them to the council and the community at large.

The bid process timeline is outlined below:

  * Jan/Feb  - The council updates the bid process documentation.
  * 8th Feb  - The council will request expressions of interest for LCA.
  * 15th Mar - The council will formally request bids for LCA.
  * 15th May - Submission of formal bids closes.
  * Jun-Aug  - The council clarifies any questions regarding the bids and visits each bid team.
  * Sep      - The council decides on the winning city and informs the bidding teams.
  * Jan      - The winning bid is announced at the LCA closing ceremony or dinner.

If you are thinking of bidding, please get in touch with the Linux
Australia council. Josh Hesketh is acting as our LCA2013 bid liaison
and will be happy to have a chat to you about what's involved and pass
on some example bids and a sample budget.

So far we've had one expression of interest from the Canberra team.
There was lots of interest at LCA this year from some other groups, I
suspect they might be busy putting their bids together.

As we have mentioned previously, if you are considering hosting LCA in
2014 or beyond, it is worth putting a bid in now so that you can get
some feedback. It is rare that a bidding team is successful on their
first bid.

Please pass this email on to any other mailing lists you feel would be
relevant and please mention it at your next LUG meeting.

You can find more details at

  * http://wiki.linux.org.au/Ctte/LCA_Bid_Guidelines
  * http://wiki.linux.org.au/Ctte/LCA_HOWTO

President, Linux Australia

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