[Announce] PyCon Australia 2011: Sprints

Ryan Kelly ryan at rfk.id.au
Wed Jun 29 16:20:44 EST 2011

Hi Everyone,

We have confirmed arrangements for two days of Sprints following PyCon
Au this year.  This will be a great opportunity to contribute to the
Python ecosystem under the guidance of experienced developers, so bring
your laptops!

PyCon Australia is Australia's only conference dedicated exclusively to
the Python programming language, and will be held at the Sydney Masonic
Center over the weekend of August 20 and 21. See below for more
information and updates on:
     1. Post-Conference Sprints
     2. Thanks to our Sponsors
Please pass this message on to those you feel may be interested.


Post-Conference Sprints

We are taking up the global PyCon tradition of post-conference sprints
this year at PyCon Au.

A Sprint is an opportunity for people to get together and do focussed
development on a project in a fun and welcoming atmosphere. Experienced
developers will be on hand to help newcomers get started, so bring your
laptops and take this opportunity to contribute to the Python ecosystem!

The sprints will be held on the 22nd and 23rd of August at the Sydney
Masonic Center.  Sprint leaders and topics so far include:

   Nick Coghlan:                   Python core development
   Audrey Roy/Danny Greenfeld:     Django and/or Packaginator
   Richard Jones:                  Python Package Index

For more information and updates see:


Please register your interest by emailing pycon-reg at pycon-au.org.

Thanks to our Sponsors

Thanks once again to the following companies for their continuing
support of Python and for helping to make PyCon Australia 2011 a

    Gold:  Google                          <http://www.google.com.au/>
    Gold:  ComOps                          <http://www.comops.com.au/>
    Silver:  Anchor                        <http://anchor.com.au/>
    Silver:  Enthought                     <http://www.enthought.com/>
    Silver:  Python Software Foundation    <http://www.python.org/psf/>
    Silver:  WingWare                      <http://www.wingware.com/>
    Silver:  Superior Recruitment          <http://superiorrecruitment.com.au/>

Thanks also to Linux Australia, who provide the overarching legal and
organisational structure for PyCon Australia.

    Ryan Kelly
    PyCon Australia 2011

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