[Announce] LA election, agm and linux.conf.au

Peter Lieverdink me at cafuego.net
Fri Jan 7 11:18:03 EST 2011

=== 2011 Linux Australia Council Election ===

Nominations for the 2011 Linux Australia Council will be open for five more days. If you want to stand in the election or know someone who wants to stand, please nominate or second a nomination. Voting will open on Wednesday January 12 2011.

You can view details and nominate at: https://www.linux.org.au/membership/ 

== 2011 Linux Australia AGM ===

You can find a copy of this agenda at https://docs.google.com/document/d/15pMKwdFOcIBV10JhcmK-u3Htu3_V6o2g-hKKjbO3zrk/edit?hl=en_GB

1. President's Welcome
2. Confirmation of minutes of the 2009 AGM.
   Motion: The membership accepts the minutes of the 2009 AGM as
3. Reports from 2009 office bearers
   Motion: The membership accepts the 2009 office bearers reports.
4. Presentation of financials
5. Endorsement of committee activities
   Motion: The membership endorses the actions of the 2009 Linux
   Australia Council.
6. Announcement of results of the 2010 LA Council election
7. General business and questions from the floor
8. AGM Close

=== linux.conf.au ===

There are only seventeen sleeps until linux.conf.au in Brisbane. If you haven't registered yet, now would be an excellent time!

The Brisbane team have been hard at work to bring you a fantastic conference. You can check the schedule at https://conf.linux.org.au/programme/schedule

See you in Brisbane!

=== drupal down under ===

On the weekend before LCA you'll have a chance to learn all about the just-released Drupal 7 from Australian and international experts at Drupal Down Under. Sign up and vote for the sessions you want to see at http://drupaldownunder.org/sessions

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