[Announce] linux.conf.au 2012 - Formal bids request

John Ferlito johnf at inodes.org
Thu Jul 1 12:27:15 EST 2010


The Linux Australia council is now requesting formal bid proposals for
hosting LCA2012. As you can see from our timeline below, we've slipped
a bit on announcements and the close for bid proposals is only two
weeks away!!

  * April - The council updates the bid process documentation.
  * 15th May - The council will request expressions of interest for LCA.
  * 15th Jun - The council will formally request bids for LCA.
  * 15th Aug - Submission of formal bids closes.
  * 15th Sep - The council clarifies any questions regarding the bids
               and visits each bid team.
  * 15th Oct - The council decides on the winning city and informs the
               bidding teams.
  * 21st Jan - Winning bid announced at LCA

So far we've had one expression of interest via Josh Stewart from the
Ballarat team. I've heard the odd rumour of other teams with possible
bids in the works but nothing concrete yet.

If you are thinking of bidding, please get in touch with the Linux
Australia council. Michael Carden is acting as our LCA2012 Bid liaison
and will be happy to have a chat to you about what's involved and pass
on some example bids and a sample budget.

If you have only just started thinking about putting in a bid and
think you may need a little more time, please get in touch with the
council and we can consider pushing the deadline a little.

Please pass this email on to any other mailing lists you feel would be
relevant and please mention it at your next LUG meeting.

You can find more details at

  * http://wiki.linux.org.au/Ctte/LCA_Bid_Guidelines
  * http://wiki.linux.org.au/Ctte/LCA_HOWTO

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