[Announce] linux.conf.au 2011 Update

Stewart Smith stewart at linux.org.au
Mon Nov 30 13:03:11 EST 2009

While you all should have registered for linux.conf.au 2010 already
(Wellington here we come!), we've been talking to teams that expressed
interest in running linux.conf.au 2011.

Whichever way it goes, 2011 will certainly be looking like a great
conference. In previous years there has been a longer bidding process
with quite a lot of effort going into polishing increasingly fancy
documents[1]. This year we are finding that talking to the teams
throughout the process is proving more valuable than a draft bid document
followed by some feedback, followed by a bid document followed by some
more discussion and at some point coming out with a decision. The
selection process for a team to run LCA has never been (and probably
never will be) perfect; we just aim to iteratively improve the process
as we go.

We expect to have a decision on 2011 in the next couple of weeks, all
ready to announce at linux.conf.au 2010.

So, be sure to hear where 2011 will be first, and be at linux.conf.au
2010 in January!

[1] These documents were *sometimes* sent to the public linux-aus list
by the teams, although there was never a requirement to.
Stewart Smith
Linux Australia

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