[Announce] Poll: your requirements for "Fair Use" exceptions?

Rusty Russell rusty at linux.org.au
Wed Jun 1 05:07:05 UTC 2005

The Australian Govt. is conducting a review on copyright exceptions in
Australia.  In Australia it is not legal to record non-live television,
copy music to mp3 players, or make backups of music or movies.  See:


Linux Australia need to know what exceptions we should ask for in our
submission, and the obvious way to do that is find out what our members
are doing which they'd like legalised, or what they'd like to do.  These
mails will not be forwarded or referred to directly in our submission,
but will form the groundwork for comments like "our members indicated
that they would like to..., so we recommend an exception X".

I ask our members and interested parties to specify (confidentially, to
me, and all correspondence will be destroyed after reading if so
specified) the cases under which you have made "harmless" but
nonetheless illegal copies of anything covered by copyright, or where
you were stymied by copyright law.  This could be obsolete software,
out-of-print manuals, music, movies, images, television, TV guide data,
copies of software for emulation purposes, voice recordings, etc.

Thankyou, and questions welcome!
Rusty Russell,
Linux Australia IP Policy Advisor

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