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o Conference info at: http://www.auug.org.au/events/2004/auug2004/

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Continuing the AUUG tradition of quality professional technical
conferences, we are pleased to present:

     AUUG'2004 - Who Are You?
     (Identification and Authentication Issues in Computing)
     The Duxton Hotel, Flinders St, Melbourne
     Tutorials: 29-31 August 2004
     Conference: 1-3 September 2004

You are invited to register for the AUUG annual conference - come and
join us as we rub shoulders with a great mixture of local and
international experts. Learn from them in tutorials and conference
presentations, share experiences with your fellow travellers in the
breaks and BOFs (Birds Of a Feather sessions), and relax with everyone
at the social events - including the famous AUUG Conference Dinner.

As you can imagine, with this conference theme there is an emphasis on
computer security topics. But AUUG is a broad church, and so the
conference features presentations on topics ranging from Linux to Java,
from Open Source Databases to the law regarding SPAM, from Thin Clients
to Australia's most powerful computer.

AUUG'2004 also features a packed tutorial programme - the most extensive
AUUG has presented for a number of years.

Some of the luminaries you can see at the conference are:

* Steve Bellovin
Steve is an AT&T Fellow in the Network Services Research Lab at AT&T
Labs Research, New Jersey. Steve does research on networks, security and
why the two don't get along. He is the co-author, with Bill Cheswick, of
the book Firewalls and Internet Security: Repelling the Wily Hacker.
Steve will present a tutorial on Cryptography, and speak at the
conference on Privacy, Anonymity and Security on the Internet.

* Theo de Raadt
Theo de Raadt has been involved with free Unix operating systems since
1990 (Minix!) and then became one of the founders and prime developers
of NetBSD. In 1995 Theo created the OpenBSD project, creating a free
Unix that focuses primarily on security technologies. A few years later
he also started the OpenSSH project (the most deployed Open Source
software). Theo works full time on advancing OpenBSD, OpenSSH, and any
technology which enhances free Unix security.

Theo will give a tutorial on Programming Techniques to Stop Privilege
Escalation, and will talk on Exploit Mitigation Techniques.

* Bdale Garbee
Bdale is the Linux CTO for Hewlett Packard.

* Tony Judge
Tony is the Acting General Manager Corporate and Governance for AGIMO
(which was formerly NOIE). He will talk on the Corporate and Governance
perspective of using OSS in Government.

* Michael Paddon
An AUUG old-timer, and a security expert now working for Qualcomm,
Michael will give a tutorial on building State-of-the-art Firewalls with
OpenBSD, as well as giving us a security wake-up call in his Footnote

AUUG is offering a special registration rate for Linux User Group

So register now by creating your personalised registration form at:

Read up on the conference at:


And encourage your colleagues, friends and relations to come
along. Remember, the more who attend, the greater the collected
experience at the conference, hence the more valuable it is to all
who attend!

David Purdue
President, AUUG Inc.
and Programme Chair, AUUG'2004

AUUG'2004 is proudly sponsored by:
* Computer Associates
* Sun Microsystems
* Apple Computer
* HP

We acknowledge the participation of:
* Silicon Breeze/Linux Jewellery

Official Media Partners:
* Computerworld
* Builder*AU

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